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Coymesvale Knight Templar “Otto” was directly imported from Ireland as a direct son of FT CH Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood. Otto’s pedigree and performance speak for themselves. Otto has a true on/off switch full of drive, athletic ability, marking ability, and cooperativeness. Otto will work until you quit as his purpose is to please. We are fortunate to have Otto’s service!

Otto is a super chill dog while not working then flips his switch to a determined, driven bird dog who lives to please. Otto is a direct son of INT FTCH Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood. Beiley has won the IGL, produced an IGL winner, and an IGL runner up. Beiley has many accomplishments in the UK. Otto’s mother is a direct daughter of FT CH Delfleet Neon of Fendawood who has won the IGL twice and produced several FT CH. Otto decends from high performing top quality bird dogs. Otto’s performance speaks for itself along with being a super chill house dog. Otto’s on/off switch is second to none and his puppies follow his footsteps. We are truly blessed to have Otto as a member of our team utilizing his ability, health certifications, and pedigree.