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Our Cocker Spaniels

Are you searching for the perfect addition to your family that combines a calm and trainable nature with a strong work ethic? Look no further than Berry Creek Labs‘ English cocker spaniel puppies. Our commitment to producing dogs of the finest quality extends to our Cocker Spaniels as well, so you can be assured that the canine companion you get from us will be one that thrives both in the field and at home.

Why Choose Berry Creek Labs’ Cocker Spaniels

At Berry Creek Labs, our mission is to provide you with exceptional Cocker Spaniels that meet the breed standards and exceed them. We understand the importance of a loyal and versatile companion, and we focus on producing Cocker Spaniel breeders embodying these traits.

English Cocker Spaniel Puppies for Sale Near Me: Our Heritage and Distinctive Features

Unleash the Potential

Our English cocker spaniel puppies have a rich heritage and distinctive features that make them stand out. With roots tracing back to their origin in the United Kingdom, our Cocker Spaniels bring authenticity and tradition to your home

These dogs are known for their well-defined traits, including a stockier build, calmer demeanor, and focused work ethic. These characteristics make them an excellent choice for families seeking companions who can excel in various activities while remaining obedient and adaptable.

The Perfect Family Hunting Companion

Imagine having a Cocker Spaniel that’s a loyal family companion and a skilled hunting partner. Our Cocker Spaniels possess a calm and trainable nature complemented by their strong work ethic.

Whether you’re embarking on outdoor adventures or enjoying quality time with your family, our English Cocker Spaniel breeders are versatile enough to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Our Distinctive Dams:

Meet Our Cocker Spaniel Dams

These loyal canine companions, each displaying their unique traits and ancestry, collectively represent the outstanding attributes that define Cocker Spaniel heritage and performance.


Your Ultimate Go-Getter


Heritage of Mastery


Excellence Passing

Jett was imported from the UK and boasted a lineage of Breckmarsh and Mollowdale trial champions. Her performance abilities are unmatched, and her willingness to please is irreplaceable. Jett’s natural ability for finding games and marking is truly remarkable. We’re excited about Jett’s future and her contributions to our breeding program.

Meet Tess, our remarkable Cocker Spaniel imported from the UK. Tess has not only won field trials in the UK and the US but has also qualified to run at the Nationals. Her speed, drive, and desire are truly impressive. Tess is in season, and we’re eagerly anticipating a successful mating with an imported International Field Trial Champion. We can’t wait to share the news of a potential litter soon.

Don’t let Rosie’s small size fool you—she’s a dynamo packed with field trial champion pedigree. Rosie’s lineage includes 10 field trial champions within a three-generation pedigree. Her drive, determination, and hunting ability are truly exceptional. Rosie’s skills shine in thick cover, making her a standout performer.

Available Litters and Future Prospects

While we do not always have puppies available, we are dedicated to maintaining the utmost quality in our breeding program. We place a strong emphasis on selective breeding that is conducted in accordance with the criteria established for the British Cocker Spaniel. In doing so, we ensure that each litter we produce continues the tradition of quality that is synonymous with our kennel.

Discover Our English Cocker Spaniels for Sale

Are you searching for the perfect addition to your family? Look no further! English Cocker Spaniel Adoption

  • Our Cocker Spaniels for sale embody a blend of pedigree excellence and exceptional traits.

  • These dogs carry a rich heritage that dates back to their origins in the United Kingdom during the 1880s.

  • This heritage infuses authenticity and tradition into your pet ownership experience.

Their distinctive features set them apart:

  • Stockier build

  • Calm demeanor

  • Focused work ethic

Our Cocker Spaniels are versatile companions that thrive in various settings, including family and outdoor environments. Their obedience and adaptability make them ideal for families seeking a well-rounded companion.

Duck Hunting Dogs:

The Berry Creek Labs Difference

1. Rich Heritage:
Our dogs’ lineage traces back to the breed’s origins in the United Kingdom, adding authenticity and tradition to your hunting experience.
2. Distinctive Features:
Known for their well-defined traits, including a stockier build, calmer demeanor, and focused work ethic, our Labrador dogs are the perfect companions for successful hunts.
3. Family Hunting Companions:
With a calm and trainable nature, combined with a strong work ethic, our British Labradors are versatile enough to excel in various outdoor activities while maintaining a gentle and adaptable temperament around the family.
4. Pedigree Excellence:
We ensure a strong lineage of qualities that fit with the British Labrador standards by breeding Labrador Retriever pups that were imported from the United Kingdom and come from great field champion pedigrees.

Your Journey Begins with Berry Creek Labs

If you’re ready to welcome a high-quality, versatile, and loyal Cocker Spaniel into your home, Berry Creek Labs is here to help. We believe in quality over quantity, and our dedication to producing exceptional companions sets us apart. While we may not always have puppies available, our commitment to providing you with the best remains unwavering.

Take the Next Step

Are you ready for this exciting journey with Berry Creek Labs’ Cocker Spaniels? Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and excellence ensures that your new companion will be a cherished addition to your family. Contact us today to learn more about our Cocker Spaniels, upcoming litters, and how to bring home a versatile and loyal companion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Cocker Spaniels are bred for excellence, and as a result, they each have their own set of distinguishing characteristics and qualities that make them wonderful companions for families and hunters.

To guarantee the highest quality lineage and characteristics, we purchase Cocker Spaniels from the United Kingdom with illustrious field champion pedigrees.

Our Cocker Spaniels have a calm and trainable nature, making them perfect companions for various outdoor activities and family settings.

Absolutely! We are committed to keeping our community updated on the growth of our Cocker Spaniels, including information on forthcoming litters and possible matings.

With a focus on quality and excellence, Berry Creek Labs offers Cocker Spaniels that exceed expectations, providing you with a loyal and skilled companion.

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