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Duck Hunting Dogs:

Your Trusted Partners for
Successful Hunts

Are you a devoted duck hunter who is looking for a trustworthy hunting companion to accompany you on your waterfowl expeditions?
Do not look any further than the exceptional British Labradors Berry Creek Labs offers Our deep family roots and unyielding drive to achieve the highest possible standards in all we do serve as the foundation for our dedication to breeding only the best duck hunting dogs.
With a strong focus on quality genetics, health testing, and temperament, our dogs are the perfect companions for both the field and your home.

Trained Duck Dogs for Sale:

Unleash the Potential

At Berry Creek Labs, we specialize in raising the highest quality dual-purpose British Labradors, including exceptional trained duck hunting dogs for sale.
Our dedication to breeding excellence means that you can trust our dogs to be the ideal companions for your duck hunting endeavors.
With a strong lineage of traits that align with the British Labrador standards, our dogs bring a distinctive blend of calmness, athleticism, and cooperative nature to the field.

Expert Duck Hunting Dog Breeders

When it comes to finding trustworthy duck-hunting dog breeders, Berry Creek Labs stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality. Our dogs trace their roots back to the breed’s origin in the United Kingdom in the 1880s, adding authenticity and tradition to your hunting experience. We believe in producing a limited number of litters each year from the finest genetics available.
This approach allows us to prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that every puppy we produce meets the highest standards of health, temperament, and performance.

Our Distinctive Dams:

Meet Our Dams

These canine companions, each with their unique traits and lineage, together embody the exceptional qualities of British Labrador heritage and performance.


Your Ultimate Hunting Ally


The Prime Hunting Companion


Your Premium Hunting Sidekick

Echo has the face of a princess with the heart of a lion. Echo’s good looks do not interfere with her drive and dedication as a bird dog. Echo’s father is GB FT CH Harperrig Breac who has many accomplishments in UK trials. Breac has produced multiple field champions from multiple bloodlines. Echo’s mother is a direct daughter of GB FT CH Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn who has many accomplishments in UK trials along with producing multiple champions. Echo’s performance and pedigree speak for itself. Echo carries on her family tradition, we are proud to have Echo’s performance, pedigree, and health certifications on our team.

Oakley is a beautiful well-built female full of speed, drive, and determination. Oakley’s pedigree is full of high quality field tested and proven genetics. FT CH Beiley’s Aguzannis of Fendawood is her grandfather on the top side and FT CH Delfleet Neon of Fendawood  is her grandfather on the bottom side. Both grandfathers are IGL winners, and both have produced IGL winners along with multiple field champions. Oakley carries on the family tradition making her parents proud. We are blessed to have Oakley and have very high expectations that Oakley’s performance will be passed down through her puppies.

Ellie is an excellent addition to Berry Creek Labs with 26 FTCH in her 5 generation pedigree, (FTCH Drumgoose Warlord, FT CH IR FT CH Tweedshot Trimble of Lettergreen, IR FT CH Marranscar Blackcap, and FT CH Astraglen Fergie) to name a few. Ellie’s drive to find game while pleasing is unmatched and she has the sweetest face. Ellie comes from a long line of proven high quality bird dogs, Ellie carries on the family tradition. Ellie will slow down in thick cover then steps on the gas in lighter cover and water. We have high hopes for Ellie to pass her abilities on to her puppies producing high quality birddog/ companions for our clients.


The Pinnacle of Hunting Companionship


Bestowing Greatness


Legacy of Brilliance

Ruby is a well-built beautiful female full of drive with a happy go lucky attitude. Ruby excels in the field with a true grit never take a break attitude. Ruby comes from a long line of pick up dogs who retrieve birds by the thousands each year for gamekeeper’s on estate shoots. Estate dogs have the ability to work non stop enduring all types of working conditions and weather. Dynamite comes in a small package, and Ruby is the most athletic bitch in our line up. We could not be more pleased with Ruby.

Star is a beautiful bitch with a loving personality and drive for success. Star’s ability, drive, and bird sense willing to work until we make her attitude defines who she strives to be each day. . Star’s father is GB FT CH Harperrig Breac who has many accomplishments in UK trials. Breac has produced multiple field champions from multiple bloodlines. Star’s mother comes from multiple FT CH who have produced multiple champions but most of all top quality bird dogs. Star is the first dog out of the box and the last dog to stop for the day. Star’s performance, pedigree, and health certifications are important to our future success.

Tilly has a huge heart with a happy go lucky attitude dual purpose female. Tilly is primarily an upland dog who patterns well leaving no cover unchecked with bird sense. Tilly is also an antler shed dog who is competition ready. Tilly’s main driver is her willingness to please and we are fortunate to have her.  Tilly comes from Shimnavale Kennel bloodlines who have produced multiple trial champions full of drive, style, and determination.

Duck Hunting Dogs:

The Berry Creek Labs Difference

What sets our British Labradors apart as exceptional duck hunting dogs?
It’s the unique blend of their distinctive features and pedigree excellence that makes all the difference
1. Rich Heritage:
Our dogs’ lineage traces back to the breed’s origins in the United Kingdom, adding authenticity and tradition to your hunting experience.
2. Distinctive Features:
Known for their well-defined traits, including a stockier build, calmer demeanor, and focused work ethic, our Labrador dogs are the perfect companions for successful hunts.
3. Family Hunting Companions:
With a calm and trainable nature, combined with a strong work ethic, our British Labradors are versatile enough to excel in various outdoor activities while maintaining a gentle and adaptable temperament around the family.
4. Pedigree Excellence:
We ensure a strong lineage of qualities that fit with the British Labrador standards by breeding Labrador Retriever pups that were imported from the United Kingdom and come from great field champion pedigrees.
Discover the Difference with Berry Creek Labs’ Stud Services


British Labrador Dams

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Family Companionship
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Unleash Excellence with Our British Labrador Dam Services

Our British Labrador stud services at Berry Creek Labs combine a devotion to the breed’s rich lineage with a focus on the dog’s ability to perform and maintain good health. Our Dams are the epitome of quality when it comes to British Labradors, and their offspring will provide great genetics for hunting as well as family companionship. Whether you’re seeking a trained duck hunting partner or a well-rounded addition to your family, our dam dogs are poised to make a lasting impact in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • A Dam is a female Labrador Retriever used for breeding purposes. She is an essential part of the breeding process, responsible for giving birth to and nurturing litters of puppies.

Typically, a Labrador Retriever Dam should be at least 2 years old before being considered for breeding. This allows her to reach physical maturity and ensures better overall health for her and her puppies.

  • The number of puppies in a litter can vary but usually ranges from 6 to 8 puppies. However, larger litters are not uncommon.
  • The gestation period for a Labrador Retriever Dam is approximately 63 days, although it can vary slightly.
  • It is generally advised to limit strenuous activities during pregnancy to protect both the Dam and her developing puppies. Gentle exercise and walks are usually recommended.
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