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About Berry Creek Labs

Our Mission

At Berry Creek Labs our mission is to produce the highest quality British Labradors and Cocker Spaniels that will continue to be an improvement of the current breed standard while excelling in the field and your home.

To achieve our passion, we import high-quality health-tested Labradors retriever dogs and Cocker Spaniels from the United Kingdom.

Our dogs are extensively tested for health, and ability, and must have excellent temperament to ensure we have the quality foundation for producing quality healthy puppies.

Berry Creek Labs

About Us

We believe Quality is much more important than Quantity.

We are a small family farm that specializes in raising quality dual-purpose British Labradors and Cocker Spaniels. We believe Quality is much more important than Quantity.

We want to produce both family companions with high drive and style. We will raise several litters of English Labradors and Cocker Spaniels each year only from quality genetics available. We want our customers to be very happy with the puppies we produce.

We do not have puppies available at all times and limited started or finished dogs. If you are interested in adding one of our puppies to your family, please contact us.

Our Standards For British Labrador Retrievers Are High...

Growing up hunting waterfowl along the Mississippi River, our family farm pond, farm fields, and pockets of water on islands is where hunting with a dog took hold.

Naturally, upland bird hunting followed as this gave another avenue for adding variety to watching dog work. I have a hard time describing what feeling I get when hunting with well-bred, well-trained dogs work gives me. The only problem I have experienced was our hunting season was never long enough!

By raising and training dogs I am able to have a year-long season which is one of the main reasons why we do what we do.We have great joy knowing we are able to help fellow outdoorsmen and women share the same experiences we get on our farm!

Why We Choose British Labrador

Rich Heritage

Our British Labrador Retrievers trace their roots back to the breed’s origin in the United Kingdom in the 1880s which adds authenticity and a sense of tradition to owning a Labrador, making it a cherished choice for dog enthusiasts.

Distinctive Features

Our Labrador dogs for sale are often known for their well-defined traits, including a stockier build, calmer demeanor, and focused work ethic, making them an excellent fit for families seeking versatile and obedient companions.

Family Hunting Companion

Our British Labradors come with a calm and trainable nature, combined with their strong work ethic, enhancing their suitability for various outdoor activities like hunting while maintaining a gentle and adaptable temperament around family.

Pedigree Excellence

We breed UK-imported Labrador Retriever dogs with outstanding field champion pedigrees, ensuring a strong lineage of traits that align with the British Labrador standards.

Berry Creek Labs

Thank You!

Berry Creek Labs would like to thank two individuals who have been instrumental with helping our kennel get started. We are very grateful and appreciative for the help and guidance received from both. We would not be able to do what we do without the help of:


Hal Chaney of Linden Kennels located in Southeast Iowa has professionally raised, trained, and competed bird dogs for 35 plus years. Hal has worked several of our dogs and will continue evaluating our future breeding stock for our breeding program.


Mark Hairfield of Southaven Kennels located in Texas has professionally raised, trained, and competed bird dogs for 42 plus years. Mark has imported British Labradors from the U.K. for 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge for the quality of dog we want to produce at Berry Creek Labs.
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Serving the Midwest

Nestled in West Central Illinois, Berry Creek Labs is dedicated to selectively breeding the highest quality British Labs.

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